Case Study

Creating an interior network for
Huawei's new building in Benghazi

Case Study
Creating an interior network for Huawei's new building in Benghazi


Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology corporation headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It designs, develops, produces and sells telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics and various smart devices. Even in the Libyan market Huawei products and services are consumed very heavily.

Case Study

Huawei’s new building is located in qasar abdul ismail and has reached to us and Atom to create an interior network for it. This includes setting up cameras and creating access points and network points throughout the entire place including offices and dorms for international workers. Multiple companies submitted proposals to take on this task but we were the ones selected to see it through to the end. Huawei already had blueprints ready, all we had to do was implement with the help of some Atom team members. Once we ordered the equipment and it arrived we started instantly creating the network.

Some of the difficulties we faced during this project was that there were many sides involved in making the simplest of decisions. ION, Atom, Huawei and the landlords. This slowed down the pace of implementation. The way we resolved this issue was with very well timed and managed meetings, finding the most suitable time to meet for all parties involved and using the time wisely.

This project is still ongoing, nevertheless the clients remain satisfied with the current service provided and we will continue working on this project and see it to its end, hopefully in the not so far future.